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Increasing sustainability

Our mission is to increase the sustainability of bio-processes by using our nanobubble technology to lower energy costs and reduce use of synthetic chemicals while increasing productivity.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Development roadmap


  • Technology invention
  • First small (500 ml) batch reactor


  • First patent filed


  • Scale-up to 20 litre batch reactor
  • Second and third patents filed


  • First continuous nanobubble generator at ambient pressure


  • First field trials in Controlled Environment Agriculture


  • NanobOx founded.
  • Winner of Enterprise Ireland ‘Big Ideas’ first prize
  • Scale up to 100 litres per minute continuous flow


  • 1M Euro investment by consortium of venture capital investors led by The Yield Lab
  • Scale up to 20,000 litres per minute continuous flow
  • First field trials in Inland Aquaculture
  • First field trials in Protected Horticulture

Meet the leadership team

Meet the leadership team

Dr John Favier

CEO & co-founder

Dr John Favier is a serial entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in Biosystems Engineering R&D, business development and leadership, serving Fortune 500 industrials and SMEs globally. His leadership drives our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Connect with John
Connect with John
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Dr Mohammad Reza Ghaani

CTO & co-founder

Dr Mohammad Reza Ghaani is renowned for his ground-breaking work in nanobubble technology with over a decade of R&D experience in interaction between electric fields and materials, and developing new materials for renewable energy applications. Dr Ghaani's innovative work drives our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

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