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The next generation of nanobubble technology

We generate nanobubbles at molecular scale.

Properties of Nanobubbles

High surface-to-volume ratio

High gas transfer rate

Neutrally buoyant

Long lasting - persist for days to weeks

High negative surface charge

Capture and transport suspended solids & ions

High internal gas pressure

Highly oxidative on collapse - creates burst of reactive oxygen species destroying algae, biofilm & bacteria

Ultra-low energy cost

NanobOx uses 100x less energy than any other nanobubble generation technology and can be deployed off-grid using solar power.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable, modular, solid state technology enabling continuous generation of high concentrations nanobubbles in aqueous media from 10s to 1000s litres per minute flow rate.

Enriched oxygen nanobubbles from ambient air

Acts a molecular-scale filter to selectively enrich nanobubbles with oxygen from ambient air producing similar results to use of pure oxygen as the gas source.

Compatible with existing gas-to-water transfer

Can be retrofitted to existing gas-to-water transfer systems including aeration, oxygenation, and ozonation to add nanobubbles with minimal additional energy cost.

Many modes of deployment

NanobOx nanobubble generation technology can be deployed standalone, in-pipe or fully immersed in tanks and water bodies with or without provision of a source gas.

Greater bioavailability of dissolved gases and nutrients

A low cost method of increasing the bioavailability to plants, animals and microbes of dissolved gases and nutrients in bulk solution.

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